Who we're supporting

November 2020
Dress for Success Hobart

Dress for Success Hobart is a not for profit organisation that empowers women to achieve economic independence through employment. Their programs provide donated work clothing, job search skills, career coaching and networking to give clients the best chance of securing a job that can change their life for the better. The Dress for Success vision is that all Tasmanian women are empowered to overcome barriers to employment.

November 2020

FitEx, led by Nikki Long, is committed to building a healthier, happier, and stronger State and empowering communities by promoting education, fitness, wellness, and health for all Tasmanians.

November 2020
Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania

Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania is the peak body for the 35 Neighbourhood Houses around Tasmania.

Pulse of Tasmania magazine

From the devastating Tasmanian bushfires, a film festival and everything in between, we hope The Pulse will be your “home of Tasmanian stories” and provide you with an invaluable resource for the best news and information on our great state’s well-being.
November 2020
5 simple things you can do for your well-being every day

Need a nudge to remind you to take a moment to reset?

November 2020
Who we’re supporting

FitEx, Dress for Success and Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania, will receive the first funding from the ‘Pulse of Tasmania’ to help them provide programs that support Tasmanians’ physical, mental or financial health and well-being.

November 2020
Keeping up with COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped our world and forced many to think outside the square. Change has been an inevitable. Businesses have had to take calculated risks and act quickly. There are many who are still struggling, but as these businesses show there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

November 2020
Making the most of off-peak power

For those really wanting to save more money on their power bills, there are a few easy changes you can make to shift your usage.

November 2020
Fireproofing your home

Losing your home to a fire can be devastating and what’s even more alarming is that according to the Macquarie University publication, The Lighthouse, more Australians die in residential fires on average than by all natural hazards combined.

November 2020
How healthy is your home loan?

A home loan is one of the biggest financial commitments we can make in our lifetime, yet for many of us, once we have a home loan we tend to set and forget.

November 2020
Taste of an old tale, Tasmanian style

Dysart House, a Georgian style coaching inn at the historic town of Kempton, stands proudly on the main street. Built in 1842 for the ex-convict William Ellis, an embezzler turned innkeeper, it is now the home of the Old Kempton Distillery.

November 2020
Old Roots New Leaves

Ken Stronach remembers the day the fires came and life as he knew it at the Tahune Forest Reserve changed. The giant gums that sheltered animals and visitors to the iconic site below became like a furnace, igniting fireballs and plumes of smoke into the air.

November 2020
Unprecedented and uncertainty

But that’s just how these past few months have been. This is unprecedented, and we all are filled with uncertainty. Job loss, financial strain, futures and careers are simply in jeopardy. Not to mention that we have all been trying to avoid catching the coronavirus and to “flatten the curve”.

November 2020
COVID-19 clouds have silver lining

This year will live long in the memory as one of global pandemic disruption. While testing our personal and collective resolve, the current situation gives us opportunity to refocus our health goals and seek to improve our general wellbeing. For Tasplan, the virus has reaffirmed our desire to invest sustainably.

November 2020
One in 4

Recently I was asked to reflect and provide my thoughts on the state of our health in our community. An easy topic to discuss you might think but I will be honest with you, it was a difficult subject to ponder. Health means different things to different people. A health provider, a researcher and a doctor will have a different opinion to that of a patient, parent, retiree or business owner. It is subjective in its essence and often an emotive-driven topic.

November 2020
Launceston General Hospital joins multi-centre research trial to find COVID-19 vaccine

The Clifford Craig Foundation has agreed to provide funding of just over $70,000 to enable the Launceston General Hospital (LGH) to participate in a major Australasian Research Trial to find a treatment for COVID-19.

November 2020
Health at the heart of the community

5 simple things you can do for
your well-being every day

November 2020
A historical interlude

The Princess Theatre, in northern Tasmania, is a standing monument to talent, quality and passion.

November 2020
Lights, Camera, and Taking Action

Marking its 10th anniversary this year, the Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival (BOFA) is one of the largest in Australia, offering a selection of 40 new national and international films.

November 2020
Creamy Broccoli with Bacon

I’ve had a little bit of success with the best crop of broccoli I’ve managed to grow. Not to exaggerate, but seriously, those white cabbage moths are such a problem that I just can’t seem to fix, until now! It seems planting later than I normally would has worked.

November 2020
Cabin Breakfast Hash

This Swedish inspired one-pan dish is a hearty brunch which is dangerously moorish. The beauty of this meal is that it’s essentially a hash so whatever leftover ingredients you have in the fridge (within reason) you can use.

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